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Poser Tubes Terms & Conditions


 Please read carefully before you purchase & use items from this site.

Please contact me with any questions & I will be happy to assist you. Thank you.

Tube previews are not actual size of tubes.

To use these graphics you must provide a link back to http://waldgeist.co.uk
and use "© by WLE Sissy or © by Estrella" as my copyright information
on the same page you use the graphic.
If you use them for tags or stationery items etc.
this link must be provided on each item.

These graphics are for personal use only.
Giving these graphics to anyone else is strictly prohibited.
You may use these graphics in your own personal projects.
This means you can make a web set for your personal site with them,
create a tag or create stationery for your own use.

You may NOT:

- You may not claim these graphics as your own.
- You may not offer them for download anywhere else
nor put them into any collection either on or off the web.
- You may not pass them through any group or give them to friends.

If you would like your friend / group members to know about them
please provide my link
so that your friend / members can come and see them for themselves.

- You may not make them into tubes, brushes or nozzles to give to other people.
- You may not use these graphics on commercial websites or for commercial projects.

You can...

- You can resize, animate, add sparkles or whatever to my tubes.

The images have been resized to fit this page,
the png / pspimage file images are larger.
Just click on your selected image to download it.

These Poser tubes were created by me using Poser Pro and Paint Shop Pro. 

I offer images in pspimage / png format.